Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Per-object Motion Blur

Today, I was able to add per-object screen-space motion blur. Basically, an object is flagged if it is "animated" (I use the term loosely here because animation in my project just covers a static object moving in a circular path). A screen-space velocity is calculated by comparing the position  using the model matrix for the current frame with the position calculated using the model matrix from the previous frame. Changing the view does not actually add any motion-blur. Then, I used the technique in 27.3 of GPU Gems 3, to actually perform the motion blur. As an additional step, the shader also checks the object ID of the sampled pixel to determine whether it belongs to the same object. This way, the blurring effect avoids weird discontinuities that would arise from sampling the non-moving background objects.

One limitation of this method is that the outlines of the objects aren't blurred. Thus, the effect doesn't look exactly right because the outline of the object is still sharply defined. Posted below are two sample images. The top has motion blur enabled, while the bottom picture doesn't. Only one of the spiders and the monkey head are "animated".

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  1. Great progress. Looks like your post-processing effects are coming along nicely.